🇵🇱 Car repair in Warsaw, #Poland

🇵🇱 Car repair in Warsaw, #Poland

Time to do some repair in Warsaw, Poland again!
Like always, I repair my camper in Warsaw, because the prices are good there.
This time is no exception.


Car repair shop which I use in Warsaw:
(Note: doesn’t speak any english!)

P.H.U. IDRYJAN Auto Serwis
Płowiecka 91, 04-501 Warszawa, Puola
+48 22 815 49 63


Tyre shop I use in Warsaw:
(They have also used tyres, fast service!)

Emikal Mobilna Wulkanizacja 24h Warszawa
Kopijników 75, 03-274 Warszawa, Puola
+48 504 692 051


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#Poland #Warszawa

Importowane z Youtube Zapraszamy też do Naszego Warsztatu Samochodowego w Warszawie. Zadzwoń do nas:(+48) 508 523 234
Lokalizacja:Wał Miedzeszyński 180 04-987 Warszawa (Wawer)
Godziny otwarcia Poniedziałek – Piątek 6:00 do 18:00


  • Sir u need car a/c mecanic and elections

  • Just need to tell u that the "coffee" atk 9:54 doesnt contain any caffeine 😀 we have it here in czechia too.

  • Very fair price for the parts. Do you recommend a certain workshop or did you just take the first one you found?

  • Damn thats cheap! Always have had same thoughts about traveling out from our land.

  • The expression on your face when you said 'no beef steaks this month'🥩😆what a tragedy😟

  • Van costs are like rent, just cheaper.👍

  • 400 euros is not too bad a price to pay. Niilo is just so adorable. You remind me so much of my son. Love watching your journey. Do you have a PayPal account? I hate to think that you don't have a gin & tonic for a month 🤔😉xx

  • Nice to see that your problem seems to be sorted out, hope the new tires will give a pleasant drive. All the camera shaking will disappear 🙂

  • Pleased you have got your camper fixed 💙❤️

  • Your camper is your freedom, and 400 € is nothing in return for that freedom.

  • Where ever we live, house, boat or camping car you have to pay out. Good luck Mr Angry.

  • Nice

  • First 🤣

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